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Peterbilt Truck Financing Bad Credit or Good Credit

Whether you’re looking to lease or buy, Dostal Finance provides a variety of flexible and individualized financing solutions for Peterbilt financing that satisfy the needs of owner-operators, vocational and fleet customers.

Providing expanded loan options that align with your business goals, Dostal Equipment Finance ensures you will have more flexibility with accommodating terms.

We provide loans for Peterbilt financing, Kenworth financing and any other makes and manufactures.

Good and great credit programs are simple and quick. Bad credit programs are available, as well.

Dostal Finance products help you grow your fleet with reduced ownership risk and increased flexibility. Take advantage of minimal up-front cash requirements, lower monthly payments and off-balance sheet tax advantages to better manage your buying cycle with good credit programs.

Peterbilt Truck Financing

Getting a truck or equipment loan through Dostal Finance is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!


Call us at (815)838-0313 for a basic
Q&A with one of our loan officers


Fill out our credit application,
sign it, and email or fax it to us.

Download Credit Application

We will contact you with a credit
decision in less than 24 hours!

Here’s what some of our customers said about Dostal Finance:

I don’t know how to get this across the right way and as much as I mean…These guys are the BEST. They treated me like a king and did exactly as they said they would and got me the nicest truck on the road. I would send every person I know to them and feel good about what I did. I have been screwed around for so many years and now I know where to go and where to tell people to go. I hope I got my expression out there on how pleased I am about the whole experience.

Randy Jackson

Pawnee tried to MURDER me with like what calculated to a 60% rate!!! Am I stupid???? Leasing is really not good like they sell it to be. All the bs with writing off and depreciation and all of that. We also ended up doing a loan with Dostal Finance and it was the best business decision. Don from Dostal company went through all of the differences and found out whats best for me. I did a regular purchase. Had to put down a little more money than the lease but as they said it takes money to make money. If I would have used Pawnee I think I would have paid for the truck 3 times over compared to the regular loan I got. HUGE difference.

Paully 21

Semi Truck Financing
Bad Credit

We understand that things can happen outside of your control that adversely affects your credit. Semi truck financing with bad credit should not be impossible. When other financing companies have turned you down give us a call or submit our online application. We can give you an answer over the phone based on the series of questions we will ask.

Peterbilt Semi Truck Loans
& Other Manufacturers

How much revenue are you missing out on because you don’t have the truck to run with? Too often bad credit keeps us from growing our business. Dostal can give equity loans with using other paid for collateral. We can get around the credit issues that are holding you back. Semi truck loans for the trucker with less than perfect credit are obtainable. The first truck you buy may not be a Peterbilt or Kenworth but if you follow our programs you will soon have one!